Applied Drone Innovations

ADI is developing tomorrow’s greenhouse monitoring systems. These state-of-the-art autonomous robotic platforms increase the effectiveness and efficiency of greenhouses.

Imagine a football field, now imagine that you have to check the health of each blade of grass. This is the challenge facing growers in the ever expanding horticultural market. Greenhouses are getting larger, employees are hard to find and train. Applied Drone Innovations (ADI) provides new tools to growers to tackle these issues.

ADI is developing tailor-made hardware and software solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of greenhouses. With extensive experience in the horticulture sector, ADI are in a unique position to add value to growers with our combination of hardware and software solutions.

Our projects

Find below the projects we are currently working on

Greenhouse Drone

Our innovative solution to greenhouse modelling is providing growers a fantastic insight into their producivity.



This RAAK – SIA government subsidised research project is aiming to bring value to horticultural growers


Latest News

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Seven Secrets of Successful Innovation

  I have come to Holland to visit a fledgling start-up, Applied Drone Innovations (ADI), and to see first hand the practical work involved in the application of drones to[…]

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8th November 2018 0

HiPerGreen: Second half-year symposium

Students, researchers, professors, company representatives and ADI gathered to share progress and ideas at the second half-year symposium of HiPerGreen. This educational programme is a subsidized research project aiming to[…]

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26th October 2018 0
Pitch at the Rotterdam Innovation Expo

Meeting an international audience at the IE2018

Last week, we were present at the Rotterdam Innovation Expo 2018 to showcase the technologies we are developing for the educational programme HiPerGreen. The Rotterdam Innovation Expo is an initiative[…]

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9th October 2018 0