ADI isolates Fusarium, an orchid’s worst enemy

ADI isolates Fusarium, an orchid’s worst enemy

30th November 2018 HiPerGreen 0


In collaboration with the HiPerGreen educational programme from InHolland, ADI isolated the filamentous fungi Fusarium from Phalaenopsis orchids. These microbiological cultures allow us to run continual studies and tests, giving us further insight into the best methods of detection. In greenhouses, fusarium infects and kills orchids and is typically the main cause of crop loss for Phalaenopsis orchid growers.

A group of HiPerGreen students under the supervision of ADI are currently studying Phalaenopsis orchids in climate chambers. Using a variety of different imaging sensors alongside controlled infection of the plants, they are observing how the disease develops.

Using the data collected, ADI will be able to improve its software and imaging techniques, allowing detection of Fusarium infection at early stages. In other words, we will be able to precisely predict which plants will be sick before visible symptoms appear.

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