ADI’s founders are drone experts.

As well as developing the greenhouse drone, they provide consultancy for other innovative drone projects.

ADI builds two different monitoring systems, allowing the monitoring of a variety crops in varying greenhouse environments.


Greenhouse Drone

Our team now houses Biological, Software and Marketing expertise, alongside our long standing expertise in Engineering and Aeronautics.

Our diverse team has allowed us to develop a platform capable of adding significant value to growers.


Rail System

Our rail system allows us to image the crop with incredible detail, it is capable of utilising a variety of multi-spectral imaging methods alongside high-resolution RGB imaging.

Providing unprecedented inspection of crops, beyond that capable of even the most experienced growers.



Our software uses tailored image analysis and machine learning to provide the grower with a unique insight into the health and growth of their crop.

Disease detection and growth monitoring and prediction allow us to improve both yield and quality in greenhouses. 



Alongside our development we are also open to integrate products and solutions into our system. Please contact us if you have any inspiration!

Greenhouse Drone

Greenhouse Drone