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The leading innovator in data driven horticulture


ADI is the bridge between biology and technology

At Applied Drone Innovations we develop tomorrow’s greenhouse monitoring systems, collect and process valuable data and, as a result, increase crop yields and quality, and reduce operational costs.


The growers’ problem

The challenges growers face


Always expanding

Greenhouses keep on getting larger and larger


Difficult monitoring

Hectares of plants are difficult to monitor


Disease & pest

Diseases and pests are often difficult to see and predict


Intensive, yet scarce labour

Caring for thousands of plants is demanding


High costs

Monitoring plants is expensive, doing it badly even more


Our solution

Based on weekly visits, we offer greenhouse maps and other insighful data visualisations to our clients


Data collection


Creating images of the crops with an incredible amount of detail thanks to our robotized systems


Data processing & analysis


Our in-house software analyses the data collected


Data visualisation


Creating images of the crops with an incredible amount of detail thanks to our robotized systems


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Blooming business: ADI secures 350K-euro MIT R&D grant

ADI is excited to announce the latest of its milestones: securing 350,000 euros from the MIT R&D grant, in which the company was the lead applicant. “This is an important[…]

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Avular and ADI extend collaboration to revolutionise the horticulture industry

Great collaborations are there to be extended. ADI is happy to announce that it is continuing its work together with Avular, an industrial drone manufacturer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.[…]

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ADI to speak at Inholland Hortitech Symposium 2020

The horticultural sector is booming, with innovation and sustainable developments taking centre stage more and more. The Inholland Hortitech Symposium 2020 will take place on January 23 host five speakers[…]

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