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Being a part of the team at ADI is not just a job or being an employee. It is building your career in a sustainable way. We value smart, keen, and passionate A-players in our company. Working at ADI is fun, valuable, and challenging. We employ a flat organisational structure and value the input of our team members. Since we’re always looking for the best people to add to our team, there is the possibility of an open application. If you have any questions about the way we work, our open vacancies, or anything else team related please contact our HR Manager Elisabeth.

Job opportunities

Positions that are open for application

If you have a Biological education or experience in the greenhouse industry and you are interested in bridging the gap between high tech innovation and cultivation, please reach out to us. [Internship or recent graduate position]

Developing business cases for both customers and ADI is an essential part of the scale-up journey. As a business developer you will be responsible for managing the sales pipeline, generating new leads, establishing business cases for clients and developing ADI’s service model. [Internship or recent graduate position]

Internship positions are always open at ADI, if you have skills with electronics, embedded systems, mechatronics, camera equipment, design and development etc. there could be a spot for you on the technical team. If you have an aptitude towards business, greenhouse operations or marketing there could be an opportunity for you in the business team.

Meet The Team

William Simmonds


CEO | Owner

A natural communicator and entrepreneur, with a passion for applied engineering and innovation. William has worked as an engineer, project manager and teacher before focusing on the development of ADI. Business development courses from Rabobank, as well as participating in Yes!Delft’s Accelerator program has honed William’s commercial skills.


CTO | Owner

Since a young age Lucien has been passionate about technology, from building his own computer at the age of 11 to the innovation of state-of-the-art greenhouse monitoring systems and image recognition software. Lucien is now living his dream, managing a team of talented technicians researching and developing amazing systems.


Lead Software Developer

I have an interest in solving human tasks with a computer. Specifically tasks that are not trivial, but once they are automated bring many opportunities. At ADI I create software that can recognize and analyze plants. Besides this I also work on my thesis on music similarity to finish my Computer Science Master.


Operations Manager & Engineer

Young energetic Aeronautical Engineer. Drone pilot and photographer.


System & Control Engineer

My name is Choo Wai Keong but everyone called me James in the office, I am ADI’s software & robotics engineer.  Majority of my responsibilities lie within the system and software architecture design of ADI’s products. What makes me feel excited about my work is that I am always given the opportunity to build and develop new technology for the industries and learn new skills.


Database Engineer

I’m Tommaso, I’m 21 years old and I’m a bachelor student in Computer Science and Engineering at TU Delft. I’m working for ADI as a software developer, specializing in data management and database development. I like electronic music, synthesizers, and bringing up politics in casual discussions.


Image Analysis Software Developer

My life goals are simple: enjoy every single moment, feel the connection with nature and people around you, never be afraid of trying something new or of making the effort to learn new stuff.


Operations Engineer

I’m Mohit. Studying Aeronautical Engineering at InHolland Delft. I’m working for ADI as a mechanical engineer. I like building things, flying drones, and photography.


Mechanical Engineer

I’m working as a mechanical engineer developing systems that accommodates the sensor equipment and enables data collection.  I’m currently studying for my bachelors in aeronautical engineering. In my free time I enjoy making music and exploring new engineering concepts.


Software Developer

BSc student of Computer Science & Engineering at TU Delft. Interested in Computer Vision and Robotics. Working in the Analysis team to build more intelligent Robots.


Systems & Control Engineer


Business Developer

My name is Kabir Sabharwal and I am a Business Developer Intern at ADI. I have a background in both law and economics and help expand ADI’s business plan and model. I enjoy running, dancing and playing the ukulele.


HR Manager

Hi, my name is Elisabeth and I am ADI’s HR Manager. I get a kick from establishing a strong company culture and helping William and Lucien develop the best team to help ADI’s vision. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my cats and dog, and reading books.


Content Marketing Consultant

Hi, my name is Mina and I work with ADI as an independent contractor on content marketing and strategy. With a background in media and business, I am particularly excited about helping young tech companies leverage original content to build meaningful relationships with their audiences and clients.


Software Developer


Strategic Designer

I am a freelancer working for ADI as a strategic designer. I think about long-term solutions and provide strategic tools for sustainable development of the company. I also help a bit with the branding. I live in Sweden with my wife and daughter where we are aiming to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. In my free time I work on sustainable community development in rural areas in Sweden.