Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

ADI is developing autonomous hardware and software platforms for the horticultural industry.

Our goal is to provide invaluable information and unparalleled insight about crops for growers, who face ever-increasing challenges in today’s expanding market.


Greenhouse Drones

For a greenhouse employee to accurately inspect a hectare’s wroth of crop takes over eight hours. After the fourth hour diseased and unhealthy plants are likely to be missed, we are human after all. Our greenhouse drones are capable of collecting one hectare’s worth of detailed crop images in under two hours. 

Our Greenhouse Drone is set to reinvent how greenhouse growers monitor their crops by delivering them unprecedented levels of data, autonomously. Few platforms exist which can provide the versatility, durability and speed of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). 

Greenhouse Drone
Greenhouse Drone


Software and Data Collection

What do we do with these images? Our software uses tailored image analysis and machine learning to provide the grower with bespoke greenhouse maps that flag areas of disease. This allows growers to remove unhealthy crops before they have the chance to spread.

We provide a unique insight into the health and growth of their crop and are able to improve both yield and quality in greenhouses through the use of disease detection and growth monitoring and prediction.

Rail System

Our rail system allows us to image the crop with an incredible amount of detail. It is capable of utilizing a variety of multi-spectral imaging methods alongside high-resolution RGB imaging.

This enables an unprecedented inspection of crops, beyond the capability of even the most experienced growers.

More about Applied Drone Innovations: Imagine a football field, now imagine that you have to check the health of each individual blade of grass. This is the challenge that growers face in the ever expanding horticultural market today. Employees are hard to find, hard to train and greenhouses are only getting larger. Applied Drone Innovations (ADI) provides new tools to growers to tackle these issues.

With extensive experience in the horticulture sector, ADI are in a unique position to add value to growers with our combination of bespoke hardware and software solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of greenhouses.

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